The Weekday Market

in downtown Eugene

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10am - 4pm, in The Tango Center, at 194 West Broadway, Eugene, Oregon. (541) 349 - 8682.

Market Layout

Frequently Asked Questions

The Weekday Market hours are from 10. to 4:00 p.m. Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

All vendors who would like to participate should be at the Tango Center (194 W Broadway) and ready to load in by 10:00 a.m. We would like all the vendors and their booths ready by the time the market doors open to the public, at 10:00 a.m.

The fee is $7.00 a day. We would like our vendors to remain at the market for the duration. If a vendor chooses to leave early the price is the same, and we ask that any vendors needing to depart before the end of the day let us know in the morning as a special space will be assigned in this case, so it won't interrupt the continuity of the market during business hours. No space assignments will be given after 10:00 a.m.

You can pay your market fees by cash, or check In addition, the Weekday Market will soon be providing merchant services, for vendors who are not able to take credit cards from their customers. The fee for this service will be 20% of the total sale. Vendors will be charge each time a card is run and and given the total of credit cards sales minus fees at the end of the day when they check out.

Space assignments, Reserved spaces & Booth dimensions
The first week, spaces will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. At the beginning of the second week we will institute a point system. Vendors with the most points will be given priority booth assignments. Reserved booth spaces will be given to vendors who agree to come and be a regular part of the market on at least two days every week. Vendors need to bring their own booths. Booth size has been determined by the standard in other local markets 8x8 and 4x4 feet.

Participation clarification
Vendors are not obligated to come every day of the week. It's up to the vendor to decide what days work best for them, whether this means coming once a week or once a month. We do however, encourage frequency in order to build points: the more a vendor participates the more points they will earn and space assignments and reserved spaces will be given first to majority point holders.

Loading in & out of the market & Parking
There are two places to load in and out, the front of the Tango Center and the south east corner of the alley behind The Tango Center. Remember to be organized, quick and courteous, so fellow vendors will be able to load in a timely manner as well. Please do not park in the alleys: there are two parking garages on Charnelton and Broadway. The cost is $3.75 for the entire day. There is also metered parking around us. Parking maps provided by the city will be given out with space assignments.

Google Map of Downtown Parking

Parking downtown permits

The Weekday Market

A year-round, local indoor public market in downtown Eugene.
Market Manager: Rhonda Kalista

NO WEEKDAY MARKET AGAIN -- * The Tango Center Has Closed *

The Tango Center

Last Market
Friday February 20, 2009
Ful Medama Ethiopian veggie combo plate, pastries.
Argentinian Empanadas
* Chicken
* Veggie Creamy Corn
* Vegan Italian Tempeh
* Beef
Soups of the day:
Chicken & Barley with vegetables and greens
* 5- Bean Chili ( vegan )
* Potato with Leek & Garlic

New Vendors
Hunters Meats
Selling fresh cheese
Chicken & Beef Fajitas
Mexican Chorizo
& fresh Sour Cream

*WiFi Cafe:
* Ethiopian Fair Trade Coffee & Espresso, locally roasted.
* Food made with local organic produce:
* and music with Buskers who sign up on an hourly basis.
* Tango dancers available. :-)

*PD Frasure
with her wonderful Slug Greeting Cards
*Parm's Farm
*Lee Evans Adaptive Art

The Tango Center Art Gallery
artist currently showing
*JoEllen Gregori Waldvogel
*Annie Frantzeskos
*Dana Whitney
*Lee Evans
*Cooper Otte

We're in The Tango Center building, 194 West Broadway, in downtown Eugene, which was built in 1929 as the daily farmer's market, a.k.a. The Eugene Producers' Public Market. Check out the Tango Center's website for community all-ages partner dancing opportunities nearly every evening.

The intention is to restore the building and its purpose, in addition to being a dance-hall in the evening. This will help to incubate small businesses downtown, for locally-driven economic and urban development.

SIGN the Food Democracy Now petition to the Obama administration


We're interested in any vendor, who either produces anything locally, or provides any service locally. Please write us a very brief proposal for a booth at The Weekday Market:



1) West Broadway revitalization: everyone agrees that not enough happens on West Broadway during the weekday. So, we address this deficit directly.

2) Local economic development: there's also no downtown gathering place for entrepreneurs: local proto-micro-enterprises, new sustainable businesses, and new social initiatives. We want to provide a meeting place, programmed activity, market space, and workshop space, all geared towards facilitating locally-driven economic activity. We call this part of the market "The Bootstrap Café".

Tentative Market space and themes

Local apparel & accessories
Farmers' Market
Secondary food products, local kitchen & garden goods
Local Appropriate Technology: "The Makers' Faire"

... other suggestions? We'll cluster people as they sign up.